From £26,765 OTR

Beautifully designed, remarkably efficient, more than capable


  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Available with mHEV, PHEV and FHEV Engine
  • 1.5L EcoBoost and EcoBlue engines
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Active Park Assist
  • Adaptive LED Headlights
  • Wrong Way Alert
  • FordPass Connect
  • Panorama Roof (optionals on some models)
  • Privacy Glass

All-New Kuga

0% APR Representative 3 year Ford Options with up to £1,000 Finance Deposit Allowance available.

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Mild Hybrid Kuga (mHEV)

A Small-Electric motor that helps improve efficiency. Mild Hybrid vehicles have two sources of power that work together, a conventional engine and a battery-driven electric motor. The electric motor does not power the car, it simply assists it.

Plug-in Hybrid Kuga (PHEV)

Kuga’s advanced Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) technology combines a battery-powered electric motor with a 2.5 litre Duratec petrol engine. The hybrid battery can be recharged at home or public charging stations. Energy recaptured while braking also helps charge the battery as you drive.

Full Hybrid Kuga (FHEV)

Self-charging efficiency

Available from late 2020, the self-charging Kuga Hybrid combines a highly efficient 2.5-litre Duratec engine with a battery-powered electric motor and optional AWD. As with the EcoBlue Hybrid, the system, recaptures energy usually lost while decelerating. But the larger battery can store more power to further improve fuel economy and even drive short distances on electric power alone.

All-New Ford Kuga

Freedom to just drive

Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control keeps you travelling at a speed you choose. If the built-in RADAR sensor detects a vehicle ahead, it slows your vehicle to maintain a safe distance. Then, once the road is clear, the system automatically accelerates back up to the chosen speed. Add that to the Lane Keeping System, which helps prevent unintentional drifts over the lines, and those long journeys become even more enjoyable.

A system that can help protect pedestrians

Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection uses camera technology to scan the road ahead. If a collision risk with a vehicle, pedestrian or cyclist is detected, it’ll then provide you with a warning. If you don’t respond in time, the system can automatically apply up to full braking force to help reduce the severity of, or even eliminate, some frontal collisions.

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Unlock a world of connectivity

The All-New Kuga PHEV is now available with a built-in FordPass Connect* modem, bringing you a whole range of new features that elevate your journeys to the next level. Get 4G LTE Wi-Fi†† for up to ten devices, send destinations straight from your phone to your in-car navigation, and get real-time traffic updates‡‡ along the way. Advanced remote features let you control and monitor your All-New Kuga PHEV from wherever you are too; use your phone to locate your vehicle, lock and unlock the doors, and even start the engine remotely to warm up your car on cold days. Click here to find out more about FordPass and FordPass Connect.

Flexible seating adapts to your needs

The All-New Kuga PHEV is designed to be ready for anything, with a dynamic new interior design that gives you ultimate freedom, and adapts to every journey. Need more boot-space for a big trip or prefer the luxury of extra leg-room in the back? Flexible rear seating slides forward or backward to suit your needs, so you have no trouble packing anything you need.

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